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  • Dallas Speculative Fiction Examiner
  • Fort Worth Hockey Examiner
  • Fort Worth Writing Examiner
  • Dallas Women’s Sports Examiner
  • National SyFy Channel Examiner
  • (as Jean Sowders)
  • North Texas eNews
  • FYI Television



  • Limbo Lies (contest winner, originally published 1983, Beall Poetry Festival 2014)
  • As a Human (originally published 1983, Beall Poetry Festival 2014)
  • I Am Me! (Beall Poetry Festival 2014)
  • THE PIRATE KING by R. A. Salvatore @
  • ACACIA by David Anthony Durham @
Published as Editor

Blog Tours​​
  • How Networking Worked for Me @ Marketing Tips for Authors
  • Make Your Path, Mark Your Path, Walk Your Path: Building Your Platform @ Visions
  • Mythology & Urban Fantasy @
  • Make Your Path, Mark Your Path, Walk Your Path @
  • In-Writing & Thinking Outside the Box @
  • How Growing an Audience is Like Growing Weeds @ Romacing the Genres\
  • Me & Chi—How to become the heroine of your own exciting writing life! @ FF&P
  • Buttonomics @ FF&P
Sample Clients
  • 1st Health, LLC
  • Abandoned Towers Magazine
  • Candace Havens
  • Cyberwizard Publications
  • Darren Nemeth, Author
  • FYI Television
  • Future Fantasy and Paranormal
  • Habukkuk Circle Consulting LLC
  • Jaleta Clegg, Author
  • Lorelei Buckley, Author
  • Laurie Moore Mysteries
  • Little Dove Pediatric Home Health
  • Macatti Barber College
  • New Century Publishing
  • North Texas eNews
  • Paradigm Shift
  • Rattle and Hum Sports
  • Romance Writers of America
  • Savannah Career Institute
  • The Search Guru
  • SF Reader
  • Shawn Scarber
  • Savvy Authors
  • Taoist Tai Chi Society
  • Tarrant County College
  • Visions: A Resource for Writers
  • Vitafuse Lounge & Spa
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  • [North Texas eNews Apr 2013]
  • This is one of several articles I wrote for the N TX eNews, a local electronic newsletter for the North Texas area.
  • Gift salvaging for the writer: fountain pens — NOLA Stars RWA, County Romance Writers, Calgary (CaRWA), Virginia Romance Writers, Heart to Heart NTRWA
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Classes​ I Present
See my EVENTS list on the home page for upcoming classes!

  • Art of Critique
  • Edit Like a Pro
  • Creative Science Fiction for Beginners
  • Formatting Fundamentals I
  • Formatting Fundamentals II
  • Mastering Social Media for Authors
  • Me & Chi, Healthy Writing Habits
  • Men, Muscle, & Mystery
  • New York Novels
  • Queries & Synopses
  • Resonance in Writing
  • Science in Science Fiction
  • Tropes, Tollops, & Truths
  • Urban Fantasy
  • Witches, Faeries, & Wizards
  • Worldbuilding Wizardry

In Work​​
  • The Angel Project, novel
  • The Distortionists, novel
  • The Downing, novel
  • Indoline's Indescretion, novel
  • The Last Hours, The True Story of Gog and Magog, novel
  • Realms of Revenge, novel
  • Resonant Frequency, novel
  • The Year of All, novel
  • The Winged Warrior, novel