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I write speculative fiction short stories and novels and nonfiction freelance articles, blogs, etc. Because mythology and religion have such central themes in my work, I like to call myself a "mythologist," because when I world-build, I have to create the legends and myths of my world. Even when writing contemporary fantasy, I must delve into human history, legends, myths, and fables to niggle out those intriguing nuggets that suggest gem of possibilities for a fantastical world or culture. Writing is a non-stop learning adventure!



Freelance Editor 
I am the co-founder of the North Texas Speculative Fiction Workshop (NTSFW), and am the webmaster for the National Space Society of North Texas (NSSofNT), a National Space Society member (NSS),  board member of the Poetry of Johnson County, member of the Poetry Society of Texas, member of Society for the Advancement of Speculative Storytelling, was a board member of the North Texas Romance Writers (NTRWA), DFW Writer’s Workshop, National Space Society of North Texas (NSSNT), member Romance Writer's of America (RWA), and a co-coordinator of the Frisco Writer’s Group as well as a member of various other groups both locally and online.
I'm a freelance editor and virtual assistant in the North Texas area. I edit novels, short stories, newsletters, brochures, etc., at EditAlley ( ). I work with English writers around the world to improve their documents. 

I also design & maintain websites, including the graphics and typography. 




I'm a retired Quality Assurance Manager turned writer and editor. (Guess there really is no retirement LOL.) I enjoy reading, writing, and spending time with my grandkids. I'm a Dallas Stars hockey fan and some Saturday nights you can find me cheering on my daughter at our local flat-track roller derby rink with the Dallas Derby Devils. I love to travel, do ceramics, sketch, and I collect cameras and pretend I'm a photographer. :) Oh, and I'm a native Texan, which only means anything to other native Texans. 
I teach writing workshops both live and online and very soon, will have ebook of my classes available for sale here on my website and in other fine establishments. I've taught writing workshops in The Netherlands: Amsterdam and The Hague, at Tarrant County Community College, at local writing workshops and critique groups, and online for Romance Writers of America (RWA), SavvyAuthors, and others.


About Me

Hey there. :)

I'm a retired Quality Assurance Manager for Tandy Electronics and other Fortune 500 companies in the DFW area now working from home as a Virtual Assistant, Writer, Editor, Web Designer, and anything else I can stick in there. 

My very first job was a secretary for Linz Jewelers (1973!) in downtown Dallas, doing short hand (of all things! which I can't remember how to do anymore, though I'm reteaching myself this year) and typing. I found that extremely boring and couldn't understand for the life of me how anyone did such a mundane job like that every day. So I got msyelf into the local community college (Eastfiled) and worked nights at Jack In the Box (yes, that's one full-time job, one part-time job, one part-time school), starting with English 101, of course, and so off I go into adulthood. (I am tired of adulthood now, I want to give it back LOL).

I discovered science fiction (Asimov, Heinlein, Budrys, etc.) in elementary school (this was the 60s mind you) and I'm still hooked. So call me a geek, a nerd, a pencil pusher, a pocket protecting slide rule carrying (yes I used them) "one of those" people. I'm not a math major but I do respect math. (It's a four-letter word, right?)

I can remember the date I got into personal computers because it was exactly a week after my daughter (my second child) was born. Feb 10, 1978: My first husband comes home from his new job at Tandy Electronics in Fort Worth with a TRS-80 motherboard, keyboard, and tape drive. Hooked it up to our little portable black and white TV, and the rest is history. I was a BASIC programming fool after that! I mean after all, I had six whole weeks of boring baby stuff! That little computer saved my mental state. (Staying home isn't my strong suit.) After that it was FORTRAN, 8088 machine language, blah blah blah.

After that, tech school, tech jobs, then inspection, which I loved because I'm very visually-oriented, and just really enjoyed the whole tech explosion in the Dallas area through the 70s and 80s. The 90s, eh, it kinda died down (darn politicians didn't help) and leveled out as other areas around the world got in on the act (esp. Austin, you bugger town LOL.)

In the meantime, I divorced, survived single-parenting two great kids, then found a great guy who could put up with me, all the while continuing schooling, working at least one job, usually two or more, and playing taxi-mom. 

I discovered science fiction conventions by volunteering in the art department for the World Science Fiction Convention in Anaheim, CA, in 2006. Man, what a jump in deep water! But fun! You can find me at most of the local cons, like FenCon, ConDFW, sometimes ArmadilloCon, and since World Fantasy is in San Antonio this year (2017), definitely there!

So, now, I work from home as,,, , &  which covers my writing, editing, web design, and virtual assistant work. I do my best NOT to do full-time work. Life is just too short. 

And, I enjoy my grandkids and Dallas Stars hockey, and ceramics, and painting, and horseback riding and traveling (I am particluarly loving The Nethelrands!) and tai chi. Oh, did I mention I'm a native Texan? Yes, it's true. So read all that with a Texas accent.

In the meantime, I write--short stories, novels, noh drama, poetry--whatever comes to mind. 

Thanks for stopping by and say hi sometime! :)


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