Latest anthology! FROM PLANET TEXAS WITH LOVE AND ALIENS edited by Pat Hauldren. Stories by authors from the North Texas Speculative Fiction Workshop. Get it at all fine bookstores.


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  1. FRI-SUN OCT 20-22, 2017
    Fan Days
    Dallas Fan Days™ is a twice annual comics, sci-fi, horror, anime, and gaming event in Texas. Join me and NTSFW there at our table.
  2. FRI-SUN SEP 22-24, 2017
    FenCon XIV will be held September 22-24, 2017, at the Westin DFW in Irving.
  3. SAT-SUN SEP 30- OCT 1, 2017
    Granbury Paranormal Expo
    Sixth Annual Granbury Paranormal Expo on Granbury Square
  4. FRI-SUN SEP 15-17
    Genre Learning Intensive
    FREE online learning intensive at on the Tropes, Trips, & Traps of Genre.
  5. OCT 9-NOV 12
    CLASS: World Building Wizardry
    We'll discuss world building foundations every novel of any genre must have, and then we'll focus on particular genres and why solid world building is so essential and how you can build your world that is both believable and stands up to the test of time (unless you're planning on nuking it after?).
  6. SAT SEP 16 4:15PM CST
    Worldbuilding Webinar
    FREE webinar. Does the worldbuilding in your novel stand up to the test? We'll discuss world building foundations every novel of any genre must have and more! @
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Seeking stories of creative speculative fiction with a twist. 
The Space Unicorn Saw Its Shadow
& Other Tales of Whimsy
  • Does it have to be funny? No

  • Does it have to be cute? No

  • Can it have horror? Yes

  • Is there a word limit? Yes (8,000 max)

  • Do you accept poetry? Yes if themed

  • Does it have to have a unicorn? No

  • Can I submit more than one story? Yes

  • Can it be previously published? Yes, if you retain the rights

  • Is this for adults only? No, YA thru Adult is fine

  • Will this be in paperback or ebook? Yes, both
  • Will the author retain right? Yes.
Open to all
"For the Love" Market - 1 copy
Deadline December 31, 2017