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  1. THUR-SUN NOV 2-5, 2017
    In San Antonio!
  2. Dec 11-24
    Generating Gorgeous Genre
    Learn how to level up your fiction by using the tools of genre writing. Great for all levels of writing. Lots of fun, puzzles, and freebies.
  3. Dec 5
    Feeling your characters?
    Do you feel what your characters feel and feel it deep enough? Read my blog post on characters and feelings.
  4. OCT 12
    The Near Girl's Gift
    My latest short story, "The Near Girl's Gift," is published in Short & Twisted Christmas Tales! Get your paperback at Amazon and your ebook everywhere.
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Seeking stories of creative speculative fiction with a twist. 
The Space Unicorn Saw Its Shadow
& Other Tales of Whimsy
  • Does it have to be funny? No

  • Does it have to be cute? No

  • Can it have horror? Yes

  • Is there a word limit? Yes (8,000 max)

  • Do you accept poetry? Yes if themed

  • Does it have to have a unicorn? No

  • Can I submit more than one story? Yes

  • Can it be previously published? Yes, if you retain the rights

  • Is this for adults only? No, YA thru Adult is fine

  • Will this be in paperback or ebook? Yes, both
  • Will the author retain right? Yes.
Open to all
"For the Love" Market - 1 copy
Deadline December 31, 2017